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Dec. 25, 2020

Pigeon Hunting (No, not really!) with the Multi-Talented Katherine Brodsky of "Mind The Future"!!

Pigeon Hunting (No, not really!) with the Multi-Talented Katherine Brodsky of "Mind The Future"!!

What a great Christmas present for an interview! Soooo much fun talking with Katherine, who's got too many talents ("Too Many Talents!" Does the Sherpa smell a podcast sequel?) that I can list in this space. I don't think I've had a guest who's discussed blowing things up, Mel Brooks' chair, making the Dalai Lama laugh,  Jazz hands, and a podcast discussing the future...until now! I'm happy to report that no pigeons were harmed with Katherine's water gun during the recording of this episode. And be sure to check out " Mind The Future" while you're at it, okay? Thanks so much, Katherine!

Katherine's info:  Instagram:@thatmysteriouskat Twitter: @mysteriouskat 

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Katherine Brodsky of "Mind The Future" Profile Photo

Katherine Brodsky of "Mind The Future"

Journalist, Podcast Host

Lots of fun speaking with this lady. Who else can make the Dalai Lama laugh, blow things up, and battlle pigeons?