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Jan. 19, 2022

Ben Shrewsbury of "Two Marks and a Spark" Kicks Season 8 into the ring!

Ben Shrewsbury of
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Don't worry if you've missed the first 7 seasons. No unanswered questions here, Rebels! (Besides, all episodes are currently available on any podcast app or sherpalution.com.) On to our guest. Ben was a lot of fun to talk to. I think he really captures the other-worldly feeling he talks about the when he's realizing what he's created. And that's not the cold weather talking, either! As you can tell, he's a HUGE wrestling fan, and that passion comes through in his podcast. So kick back, and have a listen (Boo when I make my entrance, if that helps...) to our interview. And catch his podcast, along with some others, in this week's Sherpa Suggestions! And thank you for coming on the show, Ben!

Ben's info:Twitter: @benshrewsbury Also, hear Ben's work on "In A City Like Yours", and "Saturday Night at The Movies", whose hosts have been guests here, too!

Ben's faves: Grilling JR, 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, The Bill Simmons Podcast, Madman Wrestling, Instinct Culture

Sherpa Suggestions (Wrestling Podcasts):

  • Two Marks and a Spark
  • The Art of Wrestling w/ Colt Cabana
  • Talk is Jericho
  • Cheap Heat
  • The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show
  • The Taz Show
  • The Steve Austin Show
  • The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show
  • The Ross Report
  • The Kevin Gill Show
  • The VIP with MVP
  • Clubbering Time
  • The Jim Cornette Experience

Next week, we're off to "The Sherpa Screening Room" to meet actor Michael Lloyd!

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