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March 18, 2021

Please share this episode, and help save a young boy's life!!

Please share this episode, and help save a young boy's life!!
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I know. This isn't the sort of title you'd normally expect from an episode of Too Many Podcasts!Nor the interview that you will hear in this episode. But, imagine yourself in the place of my guest, David Ogman, for a moment. You have a young son with a rare, fatal genetic disease and you want to do all that you can to raise money for gene therapy and research to battle this disease. All during a horrific pandemic . Not exactly a slice of everyday life for many of us, is it? Honestly, to prepare for this interview, I wasn't sure what I needed to do, until finally, I realized, what I need to do is help. I've been lucky to have a show with over 11,000 listens, so I can, at least, be a voice for someone. As can you, the listener. Please listen to what David has to say in this interview. While facing the possibility of an unimaginable outcome as a parent, instead, this interview is filled with hope. Which is something we all need. If you're not inclined to listen, at least pay a visit to savingjordan.org to learn about Jordan's story, and what we can all do to help. After you've done that, please share this with others and help spread the word. There! You've done a good deed for the day. Now encourage others to do so!.

If you'd like to contact David with fundraising ideas, emall him at jordan.ogman@gmail.com. Thanks for showing kindness at a young boy's darkest time. 

If you like the show, tune in next week for my interview with magician Jake Strong, host of 'Three Questions."

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