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Oct. 31, 2020

The Sherpa's Scary Supernatural Saturday Special! Part 1: The Return of Odd Tonic!

The Sherpa's Scary Supernatural Saturday Special! Part 1: The Return of Odd Tonic!

Asking Maxwell or Jennifer if they have ghost stories to share for Halloween is kind of like asking Kardashians if they have any pictures of themselves. (Of COURSE they do!) I do miss my episodes of Odd Tonic in their absence, so I'm looking forward to hearing their Halloween special as well. If you'd like to get to know the "Paranormal Pair" a little more, check out my earlier interview with them. There are supernatural tales in that one, too! Also check out their Facebook page, which has an incredibly loyal following. I think I have a loyal following. Being blocked is good, right? Right?

Oh well, back to the drawing board.....

Here's the link to Odd Tonic's first appearance: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-too-many-podcasts-46103233/episode/could-sipping-the-odd-tonic-with-53441973/

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Jennifer and Maxwell of "Odd Tonic" Profile Photo

Jennifer and Maxwell of "Odd Tonic"

Paranormal Podcast hosts

Two of my favorite people, on one of my favorite podcasts! If you're into the paranormal, supernatural, or just plain spooky stuff, THIS is the show to listen too. I first got to interview them purely by a fluke....or was it a flounder? Two super-talented people here, and I had a blast interviewing them!