Nov. 18, 2020

The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Scotty Morris of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!

The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Scotty Morris of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!

I really enjoyed talking to Scotty as much as I did mixing in the band's music for this episode! You can't just sit still and listen to it, although I must say my jitterbugging skills need serious repair, as do 2 lamps, a toaster oven, a nightstand, and half of my VHS collection of "Small Wonder", after I attempted to do so.  We spoke about the band not touring (at that time), and I could tell that he'd be ready to jump on stage at a moment's notice, as the band clearly loves to play, and they love their fans. So sit tight, Rebels-when the time comes for them to come to your town, they'll be a souped up version of the well-oiled machine that they already are! Thanks so much for the interview, Scotty! (And a bonus thanks to Brian Stanley for making this happen!)

If you'd like to follow them online, go to and you'll see all of their social media links. Choose one, and they're there!

Here are the songs featured in this episode, provided with permission, of course. Ask Alexa, Google, or Siri to play them, and wreck your own furniture bopping around!

  1. You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight (Baby)
  2. Big Time Operator
  3. The Boogie Bumper (background music)
  4. Mr. Pinstripe Suit 
  5. Why Me?
  6. Don't You Feel My Leg
  7. It Only Took A Kiss (w/ Meagan Smith)
  8. So Long , Farewell, Goodbye

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Publicist Extraordinaire: Steven Joiner

Music Credits/Voiceovers: Bruce Goldberg ( aka Mr. Bruce):

Other Voices: The Sherpalu Studio Players

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Scotty Morris of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


A great guest! And he sings a little better than me (lol)!