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Nov. 27, 2019

It's Brandon from "10ish"! And a Major-ish Surprise-ish Announcement-ish!

It's Brandon from "10ish"! And a Major-ish Surprise-ish Announcement-ish!

So nice of Brandon to hop on down to the Chalet for an interview. This is the time of year that the media floods us with Year-End Top 10 lists...but they're not like the lists you hear on "10ish" with Brandon and his co-host/buddy Nick.  Although I'll never quite figure out why Brandon calls "Bones" the worst tv show ever, I guess we can let it slide.  After all, both he and Nick are "Georges", right? So check out "10ish"...play along, too, and see how your guesses work out!!

Also, listen for the major announcement! It pertains to shopping online better...and a podcast you should check out in 2020 that will help you. Did someone say" The Expert Factory"? (Well, yes...I just did. Give it a listen on Thursday the 28th, okay?) #VivaLaSherpalution!

Brandon's Info: Website: www.10ishpod.com ; Twitter- @10ishpod; @Nick_Emel, @sidekick  , Facebook: 10ish Podcast

Brandon's Picks: Song Exploder; Dan Carlin's Hardcore History; Last Podcast on the Left

Top 10 TV and Movie Podcasts:

  • 10.The Crown
  • 9. Watch What Happens Live
  • 8. The Killing of Marilyn Monroe
  • 7. The Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • 6.The Rewatchables
  • 5.Finding Fred
  • 4.You Must Remember This
  • 3.Brad Behavior
  • 2.Watch What Crappens
  • 1. Binge Mode: Star Wars

That's it for the Sherpa Sheet this week. Really looking forward to next week's show with Jennifer and Maxwell from "The Odd Tonic". If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy! And check out "The Expert Factory" on Thursday if you're starting your holiday gift shopping! #VivaLaSherpalution!

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