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Sept. 16, 2020

2 For Too Many Podcasts! (Day 1)Jared Easley will "Starve the Doubts" but Feed the Silliness!

2 For Too Many Podcasts! (Day 1)Jared Easley will "Starve the Doubts" but Feed the Silliness!

I got to know alot about Jared in our cross-promotion interviews, and had a great time collaborating with him. He's got a lot of both interesting and inspiring stories on "Starve The Doubts". It's certainly worth checking out for a good lift, lesson, and a laugh. I really admire how he can take his topics and use them for inspiration. He likes to see the world succeed. Incidentally, the night we spoke, he was teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle. Today, she's a BMX racer! (Umm, ok, she's not, really. But talk about an exciting follow up!) Thanks for coming on the show, Jared!

Jared's info: Podcast: Starve The Doubts, Scheduled Event:at the Hilton Anatol, Dallas, TX podcastmovement.com; LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram:  @Jared Easley

Jared's Faves: Crime Junkies; Something To Wrestle, Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast, Bad Batch, Dr. Death, Joe Exotic:Tiger King

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Here's the link to The Sherpa's Appearance on "Starve the Doubts." Sooo much fun! https://www.buzzsprout.com/59340/3790193?fbclid=IwAR2vi-HSNL9TRB36MM7BVwESe7VICpLyCbG1pxg1rjxfyFeETwEfu6O5lyw

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