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March 4, 2020

It's a Pop Culture Tag Team! The Heavyweight Chumps are Here!

It's a Pop Culture Tag Team! The Heavyweight Chumps are Here!

It's a good thing that I always like the podcasters that I interview. Somehow, I wouldn't want to envision slamming "The Heavyweight Chumps" and getting body-slammed by either Mattox or Thundercookies. (Besides, how do you explain that a guy named Thundercookies body-slammed me? ) Although they've put their ring action behind them, the guys don't mind discussing wrestling, movies, tv, music, etc. They're not only available on your favorite podcast apps, you can also catch them on the radio, too. The guys were lots of fun to talk to, also, and they really enjoy their fans, too.

(Maybe, just don't ask Thundercookies where he got his name from in front of the kids,)And you can tell that Mattox has a wealth of info, too. So listen to them...or fear the above-mentioned bodyslam!

"Heavyweight Chumps" Info; Podcast- "The Heavyweight Chumps"; website: madfatloud.com Instagram & Twitter @madfatloud Radio show: radio.memphis.com (Tuesdays at 10:00PM EST)

"Heavyweight Chumps Faves podcasts:Hollywood Babylon, Joe Rogan,Church of What's Happening Now with Joey Diaz, Watch This with Rick Ramos, The Po' Boys Podcast, S*** Happens When You Party Naked.

Sherpa Suggestions for top wrestling podcasts:

  1. The Steve Austin Show
  2. Grilling JR
  3. 83 Weeks with Erich Bischoff
  4. The Jim Cornette Experience and The Jim Cornette Drive-Thru
  5. Ring Rust Radio
  6. I Hate This Podcast

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