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Aug. 21, 2019

It's Book Club, with Kristina and Marc "The Shark" Ritorto at the Sherpa Chalet!

It's Book Club, with Kristina and Marc "The Shark" Ritorto at the Sherpa Chalet!

Book club, you say? Hey, if Oprah can do it ,so can I. Without the obscenely large paycheck, of course. Marc's incredibly lucky to be so talented and to have a talented family. Throughout the interview, i kept thinking in the back of my head, "If all of his daughters end up authoring their own books, won't he have a publishing cabal? And what an amazing talent in his daughter, Kristina!! At 11, I was purely focused on architecture and construction, myself. You know, building tree forts with Steven Nocar. I wonder how often Marc's daughters ask,"Read any good books lately?" Plus! MMA star or ninja? What will Kristina's podcast be? And where can I get a "Martial Artist on Premises" sign? (Ummm...asking for a friend...)

Marc's info: websites www.ritortofamilybooks.com Check this site for more information on Marc and Kristina's October 1, 2019 book signing. www.marcthesharkmmashow.com ; Twitter: @ marcbjjfighter

Marc's recommendations:The Joe Rogan Experience, Marc the Shark';s MMA Show

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