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July 16, 2019

Meet Jasmin Shojai: A supersized interview with a super-nice supermodel/actress !!

Meet Jasmin Shojai: A supersized interview with a super-nice supermodel/actress !!

(Warning: This Sherpa Sheet makes continuous use of the word "super"...in case that word easily offends you. But listen to the interview with Jasmin, and it makes heaps of sense.)  Before we started our recording, Jasmin asked if it was okay if her cockatiels flew around during the interview. Not a problem (Not like it was a pet lion!!).So we had built - in nature sounds for a super-down to earth person! I really admired her candor throughout the interview, whether about modeling, acting, social media, posing for Playboy, or cosmetic surgery. (Super honest!) She told me she really wanted to let people know about cosmetic surgery, and has appeared on other venues to discuss it as well. She's worked so hard to get to the level that she's at, and she has a great appreciation of how far she's gotten (super grounded!) . Plus! What does a supermodel do on her day off? Why is Leo so lucky? Mom knows best! Which bird doesn't live up to their name? And, is "Beauty by Jasmin" on the shelves yet?? (Also, happy super birthday, Jasmin!) 

Jasmin's info: Contact: joshshumacher@jasminshojai.com  (Josh is her manager, I mean super-manager, who helped arrange the interview...thank you!) Instagram: @jasmishojaimodel; Twitter: jasmin_shojai YouTube: Jasmine Shojai Model TV.

Since Jasmin was so brave to discuss surviving domestic abuse, in lieu of Sherpa Suggestions this week, keep in mind this foundation if you or someone you know are in a similar position. Please,... you're too valuable a person to be a victim. Learn to empower yourself, like Jasmin did! #VivaLaBeStrong!

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: Call: 1-800-799-7233. www.thehotline.org

Also, for information regarding cosmetic surgery, visit www.americanboardcosmeticsurgery.org .


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