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Nov. 3, 2021

Questions about Emergency Workers? The guys from "The Washdown Podcast" Respond to the call!

Questions about Emergency Workers? The guys from
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Heroes. Doesn't that word fill your head with images? You might be thinking of a superhero. But who is thinking of our everyday heroes? I could list them all, but undoubtedly would forget to include someone, so let's just say "heroes". You might know who you are, but then again, maybe not.. And there's nothing wrong with that, either.   Enter the guys from "The Washdown Podcast". They know how to respond to emergencies.They're trained firefighters and EMTs. They know about facing danger, along with the after effects of that danger. On my interview, they spoke about serious issues, but at least we got to laugh a little. That may not always happen on their show, but isn't it great to know that you've got people who will come to your rescue? Thanks for coming on the show, Jeremy, Jim and Chris! The Washdown Podcast info: The Washdown Podcast @TheWashdownPodcast  email: thewashdownpodcast@gmail.com The Washdown Podcast's Favorite podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience, Jocko Podcast-Leadership and Discipline, Cleared Hot,  The FNG Academy Sherpa Suggestions: (First Responder Podcasts) The First Responder Friday Podcast Survived The First Responder Fitness Podcast First Responder Wealth Network First Responder Psychological Support First Responders Award The First Responder Answering The Call Next week, it's a chat with Dr. Lindsay Weisner-a fave!!! ! You can hear this podcast on the Helium Radio Network Fridays at 8:30 AM EDT, on Channel 1, Life Improvement Radio. Follow the show on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok at @Sherpalution, and check out my website, sherpalution.com , for older episodes, Sherpa Sheets, and Spotify playlists. You'll also find the link to "The Tee Sherpa Shop". Podcast merchandise!! Email me at jimthepodcastsherpa@gmail.com. #VivaLaSherpalution! Publicist Extraordinaire: Steven Joiner Music Credits/Voiceovers: Bruce Goldberg ( aka Mr. Bruce) Other Voices: The Sherpalu Studio Players If you'd like to support the show  with a donation, (You know, like with money?) feel free to click here. No pressure. I'll just hold my breath the entire next episode if you don't. But seriously, the free option is to leave a nice review on my website, Apple Podcasts, stitcher.com, or IHeartRadio.com. Thanks for listening! You can subscribe and listen to this show on vurbl.com , sherpalution.com . or any podcast app, like Goodpods, or website listed on sherpalution.com. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jim-the-podcast-sherpa/message