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Jan. 8, 2020

Say "yes" to "Just Na Science"...Nick and Lauren show us why!


They blinded me with SCIENCE! And hit me with some comedy! (Okay, that meets my weekly quota of 80's pop song references.You're welcome, Thomas Dolby.) Lauren and Nick are a great couple. And super-smart, too! I'm very glad that I got to do a science-themed show. I had even suggested that they create a YouTube channel for their show after our interview, but right now they're a bit focused on a little thing they're calling "their wedding.." (Okay, I guess I could be a bit patient...) They pull no punches debunking the ridiculous scientific theories posted on social media. Okay, read that again..."scientific theories on social media" . In other words, their podcast content would be the equivalent to shooting fish in a barrel. Which I've never really understood the concept of. Why can't Twitter explain that? But trust me, you WILL learn from this podcast. And laugh. And be able to smack down stupid Tweeters. One podcast-3 results! (Word of warning: Na is part of salt (NaCl), and the language can get a little salty. ...THAT Lauren! :-p )

Lauren and Nick's info: Podcast-"Just Na Science"; Website: https://justnascience.com ;Facebook & Twitter: @Just Na Science

"Just Na Science" recommends:Odd Tonic, NPR podcasts, MyBrother,My Brother and Me; The Adventure Zone; Wait,Wait Don't Tell Me; Myths and Legends

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