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Dec. 23, 2020

Why can Sarah Alcorn of "Ivy League Murders" hunt down clues, while the Sherpa lives life without one?

Why can Sarah Alcorn of "Ivy League Murders" hunt down clues, while the Sherpa lives life without one?

I got to speak to two amazing ladies this week, Rebels, and these interviews were so fascinating.! Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Alcorn, a PI, who co-hosts this true crime podcast. The lady really knows a lot about crime, and about PI work. So be careful out there-she might be working on a case and in disguise! She dishes on the real life of a private investigator, and how it stacks up against what you see on tv and in the movies. It's so cool that she uses her skills to solve mysteries, and I'm sure her results speak for themselves. Be sure to check out "Ivy League Murders" with Sarah and Elizabeth. It's definitely an interestingtwist on your basic true crime podcast. Thanks so much , ladies!

Sarah's info: podcast: Ivy League Murders, Facebook: @IvyLeagueMurders Website : ivyleaguemurders.com

Sarah's faves: Criminal, True Crime Garage, Crime Junkies, Red Handed, Women In Crime, They Walk Among Us

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